To be successful in today’s world, your business needs online exposure, in addition to printed materials. The two work hand in hand to reach your target client groups. The beauty of digital and online mediums is that they are dynamic, engaging, cost effective and can reach a lot of clients quickly and easily.

Producing a website is a great start to providing foundational information for your target market. More is needed however to stay competitive in the marketplace. Digital mediums such as blogs, articles, e-newsletters, email blasts, and social media connections strengthen your websites ranking on the web, as well as offer engaging interactions for clients. This adds value to their experience with your product and/or service strengthening your brand.

There is a time commitment required to build and maintain effective online presence of your business. This can be taxing for business owners and the environment is changing constantly. Pumpkinseed Media Group is here to take this time consuming task off your hands. We specialize in the following:

  •  Social media services to promote your company through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc.
  • Feature blogs
  • Website consultation and SEO
  • Mail Chimp and Other Email blasts
  • Video